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There are significant barriers to the valorisation of SSH research which still need to be understood in detail. In order to push the envelope within universities, we acknowledge that next to SSH researchers, the research support officers are key players in valorisation of SSH research. The ACCOMPLISSH project will identify all barriers and enablers of co-creation in order to develop an innovative valorisation concept, which will foster knowledge exchange within the quadruple helix and strengthens the position of SSH research. 

The aim of the platform is to put forward a valorisation concept that is scalable for the whole of Europe. Testing and training are important elements in the implementation and further development of the concept. Instruments will be developed and tested to serve as guidelines for valorisation and co-creation. Training creates an innovative mind-set among the quadruple helix partners in the various settings. This will contribute to the further development of SSH research design and communications, which are critical factors in the integration of valorisation as a concept in academic culture and activity.

Valorisation concept
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