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The platform which will be developed in this project will significantly improve the valorisation of SSH research and the knowledge transfer of SSH. The central aim of ACCOMPLISSH is to accelerate the valorisation and impact of SSH research across the value chain of products, services and policy. The project consortium was carefully brought together based upon the individual highly relevant experience with co-creation, impact and valorisation. Second, the academic ACCOMPLISSH partners together in the consortium represent a well-balanced representation of the SH-disciplines indicated by the European Research Council. The Platform Core consists of the academic partners: both researchers and Research Support officers.


The expected impacts are:

  • Improved (general) awareness of the potential impact of SSH research (economic and societal impacts as well as commercial and policy-related impacts);

  • A real-time working and network environment for universities, companies and third sector institutions to engage in peer learning activities regarding use of SSH results;

  • An increase in the use of SSH research results in society (in general) (stakeholders);

  • Improved awareness of the possibilities of applying SSH research outcomes within the European innovation system;

  • Improved use of research findings in the development of products and services across the innovation value chain;

  • Strengthening of the impact of SSH research (to contribute to economic development and social progress and to help address societal challenges in Europe);

  • An improved understanding of what co-creation means and how it can be conducted.

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