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Jonas Stier is a professor of intercultural studies at Dalarna University, Sweden. His expertise includes interpersonal and intercultural communication, inclusion and identity and diversity and he has been involved in several international research projects and co-production projects on gender and ethnic diversity in preschools, inclusion in schools and citizenship education. Several of his books and scientific articles have been recognized as important scientific contributions to the academic and communities. 

Stier is the manager of the Dalarna University research spearhead Culture, Identity and Representation and a guest professor of sociology at Mälardalen University. He has been served as an expert for the European Council on ethnic and cultural diversity in the social services and on intercultural dialogue. To the project, Stier brings experience on intercultural interaction, cross-cultural value differences and intercultural communication. Additionally, he has experiences of co-creation with non-academic stakeholders as well as intersectional and comparative perspectives of co-production, internationalization, and comparative methodologies.
Dalarna University

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