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Gaspar Coll i Rosell is currently director of the University of Barcelona Humanities and Social Sciences Park, opened in June 2015. In 1995, he was a Senior lecturer in History of Art at the University of Barcelona and in 2013 he …. Special Delegate to the Rector for the Humanities and Social Sciences Park (2013). 

Gaspar Coll i Rosell gives Lectures at bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctorate level in areas of Ancient and Medieval Art and of Cultural Heritage and Museology. He conducts research into areas of medieval art, particularly illuminated manuscripts, and contributes to a variety of projects and the work of numerous competitive research groups. Additionally, he is author of several books, articles and specialist publications and involved in various teaching innovation projects and in the organization of academic programmes for the implementation of the European Higher Education Area. At last, he is member of numerous representative and governing bodies at the University of Barcelona.
University of Barcelona

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