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Andrea D. Bührmann is a full professor at the University of Göttingen. She is the founder and director of the Göttingen Diversity Research Institute (since 2013) and Vice-President of the University for Teaching and Learning, Equality and Diversity (since 2015). Before her appointment as  professor at the University of Göttingen (2011) she worked as acting professor at the Universities of Dortmund, Munich and Münster and as a visiting professor at the Universities of Salzburg and Vienna. In 2009, she became a special appointment professor in Münster. During the summer term of 2014, she worked as a research fellow at the University of California, Berkeley and during the summer term of 2015, she was appointed a visiting professorship at the Alpen Adria University in Klagenfurt.

In the past few years, Professor Bührmann has explored social transformation processes of work and their organisational structures. She currently heads several research and evaluation projects on the subject of diversity and is spokesperson for the joint research project entitled "'Diversity Turn' in land Use Science'". At the same time she works as an expert reviewer for the Austrian government and as an expert in diversity research and management, collaborating with various ministries on the state and federal levels in Germany.
University of Göttingen

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