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Amber Yu is a Knowledge Exchange and Impact Officer at the Institute of Cancer Sciences at the University of Glasgow. Before this position, Amber was a cancer research scientist for 8 years. With a PhD degree in cell biology, her particular research interests focused on tumour cell invasion and experimental cancer therapies. As a cancer researcher, she was really enthusiastic and engaged in science communication and values research impact. During this time, Amber became more closely involved with people and groups involved in impact and the benefits of the impact agenda motivated her to transition her career toward research management. 

Now, as an Impact Officer, Amber focuses on contributing and supporting the ACCOMPLISSH project in its aims to reach societal impact. Her aspiration is to become a go-to person for staff to discuss their research, in order to understand impact. Amber is passionate to use her understanding of research to contribute to building an effective model of knowledge exchange, collaboration and impact generation across all disciplines.
University of Glasgow
United Kingdom

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